At Falcon Foods we have a reputation for buying and selling the best seafood from around the world. To ensure everything we supply is of the highest standards, we also catch and produce ourselves. From Senegal to South Africa, Taiwan to Australia, we catch, process and ship a variety of products to our customers in all corners of the globe.


On one of the main fish-landing beaches in Dakar Senegal, with long-time partners Tradimer, we catch and process quality pelagic fish for export to West Africa. We also produce a range of products for the European markets – such as fish fillets, ribbon fish, octopus, shrimp and cuttlefish. It’s a fully integrated operation, with our factory capable of freezing 32mts every 24 hours and a local workforce of 120 people. Our factory is EU Approved and is on the CNCA list for export to China.

South Africa

West Coast Rock Lobster. We catch the highly sought after lobster in the cool clean waters from Cape Cross in Namibia to Algoa Bay in South Africa. And we process it in our three local HACCP/CNCA facilities to preserve the freshness, quality and taste

South African Abalone. Found on the shores of South Africa, this species is considered a delicacy for its texture and unique tasting flesh. Our state-of-the-art processing facility can produce live, canned, frozen (shucked and brushed) and dried abalone.

Squid. Our squid comes from the rich clean waters of the Indian and Atlantic oceans. Caught by four EU Approved sea freezing vessels, as well as local independent boat owners, all our squid is handline jig caught and sea frozen, preserving the highest levels of freshness for export it to the EU.
Oysters. We source these from the cold nutrient-rich waters of the South Atlantic. The catch is processed quickly and airfreighted to our markets in Asia in a variety of different sizes.

Supporting local communities. We’re proud to be able to help the economic and social development of local disadvantaged fishing communities. By supporting sustainable eco-harvesting, logistical support and equipment, as well as buyers for their catch, we create inclusive ocean economies with communities and subsistence fishermen, so everyone can benefit from the rich seafood along our coastline.


Barramundi. From our certified processing plant in Kaohsiung Taiwan (EU/HACCP, GAP & CAS), we produce a range of high specification barramundi portions for the Australian and South African retail markets. Our focus is on producing the highest quality product for restaurants – that’s why all our farmers’ barramundi undergoes strict SGS testing before we accept it for processing.

Ribbonfish. Our ribbonfish, Trichiurus lepturus, is hook caught off the northern coast of Taiwan. It’s highly sought after in Korea and China due to its tender meat texture and white shiny skin. We cold store in Fuzhou and supply anywhere in China via various distribution means for home delivery, and to restaurants and supermarkets.


O. Djinda Octopus. This uniquely West Australian octopus is sustainably caught in the pristine waters off the Abrolhos Islands. A fleet of our very own fishing vessels and harbourside processing facilities ensure the freshness and taste of this octopus are second-to-none. In the short time we’ve been fishing, our Abrolhos Octopus has quickly gained the attention of leading chefs around the world and is making a name for itself as the most tender and best tasting octopus you can get.


For our full list of products, fish seasons as well as seafood specifications, please contact us here.